After Care & Relapse Prevention Program

Relapse prevention is a critical component in the treatment of substance abuse, impulse disorders, sexual addictions, and eating disorders. While most in-patient facilities recognize that primary treatment is just the first step along the road to recovery, many are still challenged by exactly how to prevent relapse and how to keep patients engaged in the recovery process once they walk out the door and transition back into their everyday lives.

While there are many elements that contribute to relapse prevention -- high self-efficacy, negative outcome expediencies, positive affect, and social support, to name a few -- the most important element to ensure a positive outcome is to replace self-destructive coping with more effective coping skills. Insight, Emotional Regulation, Communication, and Problem Solving Skills all just a few of the necessary tools for long-term success.

Our aftercare program helps clients establish and maintain the skills that are vital to maintaining their mental health by offering a well-planned personalized aftercare strategy. Upon admission, a doctoral level therapist will work with the discharge team and the client to develop an individual plan that fits the client's needs, schedule, and interests. As indicated by their individual plan, clients will then be able to participate in Tx3x – therapeutics 3 hours per day, 3 days per week—or more if needed. In addition to traditional evidence based therapies, clients will receive Psychodynamic Therapy as well as Dialectical Behavioral Group Therapy (DBT).

This aftercare program is suitable for clients who are 18+ and who have completed primary treatment for:

The aftercare program provides clients with the following services

Supplemental Care includes:

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