Anger Management Classes

Our weekly anger skills classes help people identify when their anger is useful to them and when it is not. We'll help you track the specific triggers in your own life that often set you off. You'll learn to see these triggers coming long before they have a chance to erupt into serious problems at work or at home. You'll learn practical tools to handle tough situations. You'll also get a chance to practice effective methods of communication in a safe environment, learn how to best express complaints or dissatisfaction, as well as improve your ability to be clear and assertive. You may benefit from anger management education if you have:

  • A High Stress / High Conflict Job
  • A tendency for perfectionism
  • A "people pleaser" personality
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Road Rage
  • A History of Violence

Weekly Class Schedule

Our weekly anger management class meets in a small group setting, consisting of 8 students maximum and 2 therapists/group leaders. About half of the total class time is dedicated to allowing class participants to discuss and process issues in their personal lives, and then receive therapist feedback. The other half of the class time is spent learning new material on tools, tips, and strategies for anger management and emotional regulation. Each week, class participants will learn one of our "Eight Tools for Anger Control," with the goal of creating their own personalized plan by the final week of class. Currently, class meets in our West LA office:
Every Wednesday Evening
7:30pm - 9:00pm

Please call to confirm class times.
New classes times are added frequently.
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How Many Classes Do I Need?

A complete anger management program generally consists of a 10-week cognitive behavioral anger management group treatment. Each of the ten weekly sessions runs between 90-120 minutes, for a total of 15-20 hours of instruction. This instruction can be compressed into less than 10 weeks if requested, but generally, most clients will find it easier to achieve in shorter weekly sessions, rather than a few very long sessions over a weekend. Classes are typically offered in a small group setting (10 clients max) and in some cases may be supplemented with one-on-one counseling. We offer multiple instructional strategies, including:

How Does It Work?

Anger Detox employs the Century Anger Management model of intervention which is based on an educational and cognitive behavioral approach to working with clients. This model of intervention is used and accepted in courts, probation departments, hospitals, mental health facilities, substance abuse facilities, major corporations, governmental agencies and private practices.

Since anger management cannot be used as a substitute for long-term psychotherapy, the goal of this model is to help clients learn concrete skills in a variety of areas. The foundation of our model is a set of eight anger control tools. Each week, class participants will discuss and explore one of the eight tools for anger control, with specific attention to how and where this tool can be used in their own lives.

Reflective Writing Exercises

Since each class session is devoted to exploring one aspect of anger, and one tool to control it, class participants are asked to do written exercises to help them relate the concepts covered to situations in their own lives. Each student is given their own workbook in which they track their emotions and behavior – via checklists, questionnaires, simple reflective writing assignments, and weekly Personal Anger Records, and so on, which are all available to them inside their student workbooks. To complete each assignment, the student will practice a degree of the overall self-awareness that is critical in understanding one’s own anger response. These exercises also help group participants identify the specific situations that trigger their anger, what thoughts they have that contribute most to their anger, and what non-destructive ways to control anger work for them personally.

Our Intervention Model Is Approved By:

Century Anger Management Certificate Anger Management Provider

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