Anger Management Classes
Now Meeting Online

Our weekly anger skills classes help people understand what their anger is trying to tell them and how to use that information constructively rather than destructively.

You'll learn to identify when your anger is useful and when it is not. We'll help you track your own unique triggers so that you can learn to spot these triggers coming long before they have a chance to erupt into serious problems at work or at home. You'll learn practical tools to handle tough situations. You'll learn invaluable skills for self-soothing and calming the nervous system so you can respond rather than react -- and suffer less!

You'll also get a chance to practice new skills in a safe environment with other hard-working people who are also stepping up to take control of their lives and their emotions. Our students are always surprised to discover how welcoming and friendly and kind our group members are. The truth is that everybody we work with has shown up to make a change in their lives and relationships because they care about their loved one and their families.

You may benefit from anger management education if you have:

  • A High Stress / High Conflict Job
  • A tendency for perfectionism
  • A strong desire to please others or perform at a very high level
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • High Blood Pressure
  • A History of Trauma
  • Rigid ways of thinking / black & white thinking
  • Intense emotions or emotions that change quickly
  • Tendency to hold a grudge
  • Ruminative Thoughts

The Program is a 10-week package that includes:

  • One private intake session (virtual / telehealth)
  • 10 small group classes (virtual / telehealth)
  • Weekly emails with learning materials
  • Physical exercises to soothe the body: Simple Breathing Exercises, Meditations & Mindfulness Practices
  • Take-home practices and skills you can try out in your real life while you are in the group


ADAM classes currently meet 1x per week. · Wednesdays from 7:30- 8:45 pm


Online via Zoom

How it Works

Every week we work on one specific skill.

By the end of ten weeks, students will have built a diverse toolkit of strategies for understanding their triggers and conditioned responses.

Students learn effective strategies for implementing each week’s skill in their own lives.

Class Structure

Class time is a mix of therapist instruction, group discussion, and in-class exercises.

We keep it lively while always presenting strategies based on validated research.

Weekly Emails

Each week you will receive an email with the week's reading, videos, meditations, and take-home exercises to enhance your learning. Our students love these emails and rave about the material they receive.

To Enroll

To enroll, simply call or text us at 424-234-6169

or email for a phone consult or to schedule an intake appointment.

A private intake session is required of all students before they join the group. Intakes are virtual / telehealth.

After completing your intake visit, you can join the group the following Wednesday evening.

Private Options

Outside of the group we also offer private individual and private couples sessions. Private therapy sessions meet with Dr. Gabriella Siegel, Clinical Psychologist and can be done in conjuction with class enrollment or without.

Ongoing Support for Graduates

After graduation, ADAM Alumni have the option to join our weekly process group (level 2 skills - for ongoing support and maintenance) or to schedule individual psychotherapy, anger coaching sessions or tune-up sessions.

How Many Classes Do I Need?

A complete anger management program generally consists of a 10-week cognitive behavioral anger management group treatment.

The 10-week cycle can be repeated several times and is more effective with each go round. We work on a core set of skills each cycle but class is never the same.

Our Intervention Model Is Approved By:

  • Approved for CEUs by CAADE, California: certificate # CP-10704C110
  • Approved for CEUs by NAADAC The National Association for Addiction Professionals, Provider #570
  • Approved for CEUs by CFAAP California Foundation for Advancement of Addiction Professionals: certificate number IN-06-745-0112
  • Approved for CEU's by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences: PCE# 3128
  • Approved as Continuing Education Provider by The Board for Certification of Addiction Specialists: Provider Number 5063
  • Continuing Educator Provider, Florida Certification Board, Provider Number 5107-P
  • California Board of Corrections for the training of field probation, parole, and correctional officers: Cert Number: 3530-03108
Century Anger Management Certificate Anger Management Provider

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Anger Detox - Anger Management Classes, Executive Coaching, Psychotherapy - Beverly Hills, CA

Call or text us at 424-234-6169