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Psychodynamic Process Group

Psychodynamic Process Group


Tuesday nights, 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm via Zoom.


Monthly / flat fee membership Three-month committment required for new members


Co-ed, adults 18+ This group was founded in 2017 by alumnae of the 10-week emotional regulation program who demonstrated exceptional ability & wanted to keep working at a deeper level. The group has met every Tuesday evening since.


Unlike our skills classes, the process group is not limited to the subjects of emotions or managing dysregulation. Although emotional regulation is an ongoing concern for many members, our psychodynamic process group is a smaller, more advanced group, working at a deeper level on a variety of concerns. Process group offers a wider berth for members to talk openly about their current life experiences and to receive support from therapists and their peers. Members have space to define their own goals and needs within the group. This means that the focus is not on the group leaders presenting new material, but rather, is open for group members to bring their own concerns and interests to session.

Though group is usually unstructured, at times, group leaders may offer discussion topics -- or creative exercises, reflective writing prompts, narrative therapy modalities, role play, mindfulness and other dbt skillswork when warranted. the real aim is to work toward the goals each member defines for herself. when warranted, we use varied and dynamic strategies to do so.

Ultimately, The goal is for clients to gain a broader perspective on how they relate to their own inner worlds. How is that modeling reflected in relationships with others outside the therapeutic space? The group dynamic helps participants identify and understand the blind spots which may hinder satisfaction in their lives. These blind spots are not usually detectable in individual psychotherapy and are seldom available for reflection in one’s everyday life, but can be more readily identified inside a group dynamic.

Within the safe and supportive environment of the group, members have the opportunity to:

  • process emotions and events from their daily lives in productive ways.
  • recognize and integrate previously muted aspects of themselves.
  • make sense of historical and family issues that shape the present experience.
  • have corrective emotional experiences.
  • strengthen their capacity for self-acceptance and self-support.
  • increase self-esteem and build a sense of personal mastery.
  • model and practice effective communication and problem-solving skills.
  • develop an awareness of problematic patterns.
  • identify limiting belief systems that obstruct growth.
  • redefine their personal narrative and articulate their own personal history in a meaningful way.
  • create a safe space and support system independent of their daily lives and usual roles.
  • have a space in which to identify what is important to them and how to meet those needs .
  • For each individual, the rewards of creating a place that is their own can be a place that is authentic and fully connected. It is a place to be who they are without the need to “fit-in” to the set pattern prescribed for them in their daily lives.

To Enroll

Call or text us at 424-234-6169

email info@angerdetox.org

For More info About Process Groups in general, see: https://health.colostate.edu/about-process-groups/

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Group

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is the gold-standard treatment approach for a wide variety of psychological symptoms. DBT combines the basic strategies of Behavior Therapy with eastern mindfulness practices to treat individuals who struggle with extremely intense emotions, mood swings, and impulsivity. This group is ideal for individuals who are psychologically minded, and have had some previous experience in therapy, but are looking for more advanced training and skills... often to cope with mood disorders, eating disorders, and intense issues of emotional regulation. During our weekly sessions we will teach, model, and role play skills from each of the four DBT skills training modules, which include:

  1. Mindfulness: to improve awareness, increase capacity to derive pleasure in the moment, reduce emotional distress associated with living in the past, and increase capacity to control one’s own mind.
  2. Distress Tolerance: focused on learning how to tolerate unavoidable pain in life, crisis survival, self-soothing, acceptance, and coping tools.
  3. Emotional Regulation: aimed at reducing vulnerability to negative emotions by identifying, describing, and understanding them, as well as building positive experiences, mastery, and learning to let go, thus increasing capacity to experience joy and pleasure.
  4. Interpersonal Effectiveness: communication skills targeted on improving relationships, how to express wants effectively, assertiveness, how to reinforce boundaries, and negotiate needs in gentle, mindful ways that preserve self-respect.

Journal & Narrative Therapy Group

Journal Therapy Group One of the most important outcomes of psychotherapy, is the creation of a coherent personal narrative. While this has been known and practiced for some time, Journal Therapy is a relatively new therapeutic approach to accomplishing this goal. In this therapy group, Journaling becomes a way for both client and therapist to fill in the gaps of a life story, and find a way to understand and explain how one thing may have led to another, and what important learning can be taken from each major experience. As one journals, a biographical narrative will emerge, and one will have the opportunity to examine whether their long-held beliefs about their own personal story are indeed accurate, or helpful. Journaling becomes an instrument of interpretation and a description of the writer’s experiences. The weekly sessions are facilitated by therapists trained to facilitate a deeper understanding of the salient issues in an individual's life, and improved understanding of these issues. The increased understandings of intrapersonal and interpersonal tensions often allows a decrease in psychological suffering, as well as providing a roadmap to future goals and healing. The creation of a coherent personal narrative is a fundamental element of mental health that also helps individuals recover from shame and guilt, deepen their sense of self, and personal confidence. Participants need not be concerned about having an ability to write well or to write artfully, as creative and artistic expression is not the primary goal of this practice, though some may find it to be a byproduct.

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